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Ninja Kitty Changes Her Name and More Updates

2007-11-21 09:21:23 by GothHawk

Update time.

Still working on Hinterlands ep 3 and 4.

3 more projects are in the making as well.

Ninja Kitty finally got a Newgrounds account - but it seems that someone already had the name "Ninja Kitty" so she had to get a new s/n which is L-Kat.

So that's why on the side bar it says "L-Kat" and in the credits for the flashes we have so far it says "Ninja Kitty"

o_0 I'm confusing myself. Hope that made sense.

Anyway, look forward to the new stuff coming up. It's some good stuff I assure you ~_^

-Goth Hawk


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2008-01-20 19:15:04

whats going on man?
cant wait for the new stuff!

GothHawk responds:

lol sorry man. Been really busy. life's been in the way for a while. We should be getting episodes 3 and 4 done soon. by soon I mean hopefully, and by hopefully i mean probably the end of this month. or sooner. I hope sooner.

thanks for the support though! nice to see people like it!


2008-02-13 17:49:34


Did you ever use my song Creation and its purpose in your Flash like you said you might do?

GothHawk responds:

No, I didn't. Been really busy and that flash was put on the back burner. Sorry about that =(


2008-02-27 18:18:31

=( Did you die?

GothHawk responds:

Yes. I am dead now. I came back from the grave to say that I did die, and I am sorry.

lol no, I'm not dead. Unforeseen delays and complications have arisen and I am sorry, but I will have new stuff soon! i promise!

Plus working on an art contest has taken up our time, and also working on more than one flash project at a time pushes all the deadlines back a bit. But I will have new stuff soon! Stay posted! And thanks again for the support!