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Halloween Goes To Hell

2007-10-30 20:01:37 by GothHawk

It's finally here: Halloween Goes To Hell.

This is our biggest project to date, and was a lot of fun (as well as extremely frustrating at times) to make. It makes fun of over 30 movies, and most of theme should be known to everyone. The last scene after the credits is a a little obscure, and only people who've watched the special features on Slither will get it.

As always, reviews are nice, voting is better, and please recommend this for the 2007 Halloween Collection!



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2007-10-30 20:07:15

i love it

GothHawk responds:

Glad you liked it


2007-10-30 20:11:01

did you use liveswif to make this also?
i wouldnt know because i havent wacted it yet...


2007-10-30 20:26:20

Good job.

GothHawk responds:



2007-11-02 11:31:08

nice work man

GothHawk responds:



2007-11-11 13:14:26

thanks for the favorite man :)

GothHawk responds:

No, thank you for that submission.


2008-01-08 22:21:43

I still watch this if i need a laugh, 'weens over but the movies parodied are watchable any time of the this flash, the ending still cracks me up...gonna try for 40 next year? lol