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Entry #11

All Work On Hold

2008-05-02 05:32:41 by GothHawk

Until further notice, all new episodes of hinterlands, as well as special projects are effectively on hold while we learn new techniques in flash animation.

We feel we want to better understand the program as well as animation so we can deliver the best possible cartoons for you.

Thank you for your support as well as comments. We'll see you when we see you.

Goth Hawk and L-Kat.


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2008-05-04 23:17:07

Does this mean stuff beyond tweens......and uh, longer waiting times on future projects?


2008-06-22 12:42:08

you own you make liveswif and me proud :D


2010-05-06 18:10:33

hey your song called Chase The White Rabbit! it was AWSOME!!!!!
i rated 10 stars.


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